Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Commission Information




Not right now.

I work with a variety of mediums, including graphite, ink, Copic Markers, PrismaColored pencil, watercolor, on Sketchbook paper, brown sketchbook paper, Clay board, Illustration board or Bristol board. I also work digitally on Photoshop, Illustrator, and Painter. Sometimes I will mix these mediums to get the desired result. I offer commissions in sizes of 8 X 10 inches using whatever medium necessary for the subject. I will do larger work on request as well.

Things I WILL draw:
Mild Nudity
M/F (Clean)
M/M (Clean)
F/F (Clean)
Fan Art

Things I WILL NOT draw:
Mechanical objects (like cars, planes, etc) - unless you pay a lot extra for that.
Why? I am not good at the above, it's not my thing, and personal reasons.


Sketch (single character)- $10
Inked- $20
"Clean" Sketch, Flat Color- $25+
Additional Character- $10 each

Super Chibi (Colored) $10+
Chibi (Colored) $15+
Vector Spot Illustration -(single character colored using Illustrator)- $20+
Flat Color Photoshop- (single character) $20+
Character Vignette (one character, no background)- $40+
Spot Illustration (one character on a "piece" of background)- $60+
Character Reference Sheet- $80+
Full Illustration (one character with full background)- $100+
Additional Character - $15 each

Rectangle format- $35
Full Body- $35
Bust- $25
Chibi Charm- $20

Icons (single character)- $15
2.5x3.5 ACEO Artist Trading Cards- $15

Pet Portraits (highly detailed, different mediums available)- $50+
Scratch-board- (highly detailed, realistic, black and white)- $80+
Murals- $80+

Shipping and Handling- $5

I reserve the right to deny accepting commissions for whatever reason, and the right to adjust prices based on details of the commission. The below set of prices is JUST a guide, they are not set in stone! Every piece I make will vary, thus varying the price. Price variations apply to the complexity and difficulty of a commission. As the artist I hold the right to charge appropriately for my time and skills. Changes in price apply to such instances as winged characters, characters with extra detail such as fully scaled dragons, characters with intricate tattoos or costuming, or if they are just more time consuming to create. These changes also apply to backgrounds that are more detailed and difficult, such as urban backgrounds.

If I cannot complete a commission within a year’s time I will refund you your money back upon request.

You do not have the right to redistribute my art without my permission for money-making purposes. If you intend to use my art to make money or for advertisement you must inform me first so the price can be adjusted so I can sell you part of that copyright to do so. Otherwise I retain the copyright to everything I create, meaning I can show it online in my portfolio. Most of my art that is commissioned here has been for private enjoyment only AKA wall/displayable art. The exception to this is if you own an original piece of my art you are allowed to resell that picture by law. YOUR ARE SELLING THE ART AND NOT THE CHARACTER THEMSELVES. The same goes for me. If you decide not to receive a copy of the art commissioned I have the right to resell the original art, but I am not selling your characters. I will write the copyright information on the back of the art so everyone will be protected, and the art comes signed on the front. I reserve the right to refuse any commission at my discretion.. A client reserves the right to display the original work and resell the original work if desired. Duplication rights are NOT included in the price of a commission. You may also re-post my art on your own website UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES: credit me, and provide a link either to my Deviant Art page, blog, Fur Affinity page or my email address.
I will send a rough sketch or thumbnail through email, before finishing up and coloring it. ALL COMMISSIONS INCLUDE 1 FREE REVISION AFTER LOOSE SKETCHES ARE PRESENTED. Alteration requests must be made during the sketch stage of the commission and must be reasonable.

I take payments up front, before I begin. Payment must be sent to NikkiCat528 AT aol.com via Paypal. If the sum is extremely large, I can do payment plans.

Please fill out this form and send it over in a note/email (labeled as Commission Info):

Username: (you or for the person it's going to)
E-mail: (for contact info)
Type of art: (which category you want goes here)
Name of character: (Simple enough there)
References: (Must have, or no go)
Description (Please, don't give me a novel's worth to read, keep it light)
Additional information (Whatever you want to add)

Depends on the complexity of the piece, the number of commissions I have, and how much art juice I have flowing, and what is going on in the real world. If you want the artwork done by a specific time, you must give me a due date. Unrealistic or difficult due dates will require a fee. I will include an estimated guess of how long it will take in a reply email.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS NOT INCLUDED! Packaging costs an extra $5! I will ship the art as soon as possible upon completion. If shipping is not desired, a high-resolution digital copy will be sent via email.

I have a tendency to work in several styles/mediums and to experiment frequently. If you have a style you want me to work in you must tell me. Sending me links of my own work for examples would be ideal.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me via email/messages or notes. :3

Want to see more examples of my work?

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